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Thursday, July 23rd 2015

9:35 AM

Brinks Home Security System

Choosing the best home security system for your household is indeed a difficult task. You have to take time to weigh out the benefits and features that you will get against the total cost of the entire security system. You might also get overwhelmed with the various types of home security systems available in the market today. Along with a number of reliable and trusted home security brand names, Brinks home security system can guarantee you complete security and quality service. Acquired by a well reputed company Tyco Holding Corporation, Brinks home security system has been a solution for many people with security problems for 25 years. With that short span of time, it was able to establish a good name and was able to gain customers’ trust, that’s why it has become one of the leading home security systems today.

Understanding Brinks Home Security Solutions

Brinks home security system offers you not just security in your home but a pocket friendly service as well. It is well-known for its user friendly security devices like its easy to use control keypad used for disarming specific features of the security system. Equipped with special buttons, the control keypad is designed to call or summon fire, medical or police assistance right away. In addition, all Brinks home security systems come with 24-hour home monitoring service with their professionally trained monitoring agents. In case of alarm being triggered, monitoring station will automatically be notified and will then call the proper authorities (fire, medical or police department) to take the necessary actions.

Currently, there are two different security packages of Brinks home security systems which both provide 24 hour monitoring service- the standard and premium Brinks home security systems. The standard Brinks home security package includes the basic security devices such as a motion sensor, a siren, 2 perimeter devices, a user control keypad and a master control panel while a backlit keypad which gives you a run through on security functions as well as another perimeter sensor are added for Brinks premium home security system. With the reasonable price of Brinks home security system, you are assured that your home and properties are best protected and as for the installation procedure, the company’s competent experts will do the process for you at considerate charges. Brinks home security system has earned many special awards from Consumers Digest, a well known magazine for consumer reports and products, National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, an influential organization that gives quality guidelines and requirements for home security systems, and Underwriters Laboratories as having met the important standards of the industry.

With their impeccable record and top notch performance in the field of home security, Brinks home security system might be the solution for your home security needs.

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